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Jack Owen, Real Estate Attorney, Austin

"It has been my great pleasure to work with Bob Welborn on home inspection and construction matters for more than 20 years. He is a highly experienced, tremendously thorough professional, and when my clients need an inspector, Bob is the guy I call."

Sharon Brady, Real Estate Broker, Owner of Austin Brokers

"Bob Welborn has been my preferred inspector for more than 25 years-- since the first home he inspected for one of my clients. No matter the price range of the home, I sleep well knowing my buyers have the facts, good and bad. In all those years, my buyers have had no surprises after closing. He's thorough. He is professional. He is just the best."

Tom Kam P.E., Structural engineer and President of TK Engineering

"I have worked with Bob for over twenty years on numerous projects in and around Austin. Bob is very knowledgeable and reliable. I strongly recommend him."

Tim Atkinson, G. D. "Tim" Atkinson, Ph.D., P.E., President of Atkinson Engineering, Inc.

"As a real estate inspector, Bob Welborn walks on water. You can take his reports to the bank or the courthouse, and I recommend him without reservation."

David and Shelly Murray

"My wife and I recently hired Bob Welborn to inspect two separate residential properties in the Holly neighborhood. Upon inspecting the first house, Bob's very detailed report revealed major structural, plumbing and electrical problems that we were completely unaware of and we backed out of the contract in time to save our earnest money. A potential nightmare avoided. We then found a much more suitable house and this time, Bob's inspection report proved very valuable in final negotiations with the sellers, saving us tens of thousands of dollars.

Bob's reports are quite comprehensive, easy to understand and detailed with clearly labeled high quality photos of all areas of interest or concern. He is a very courteous, knowledgeable professional, we give him our highest recommendation."

Callie Welborn (Full disclosure: Written by Bob’s mom)

"Bob is such a nice boy and his faults are hardly worth mentioning."